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14 April

Web Design Book of Trends

ONLY SERIOUS DESIGN TRENDS WITH CAREFULLY PICKED EXAMPLES, AMAZING ENOUGH MAKE THEIR OWN TITLE. A MUST-HAVE COMPANION FOR EVERY DESIGNER! • 11 trends that make today’s avant-garde and tomorrow’s leaders explained • 165 eye-candy examples of remarkable web design • as every companion should be: inspiring, timesaving and handy

11 April

The OKC Project

A few years ago or so, the girls and I turned a photo project staged in an empty industrial warehouse into a magical play haven for kids and their parents. With blood, sweat and tears, we assembled over 200 toys, games, and furniture. We custom built over a dozen interactive themed areas. These photos have been used by many sponsors of our project, and just got word that we will be getting an awesome write-up about the project in an…

10 April

Memorial Speech: The Perfect Gift

I found my Christmas present to my mother from 2 years ago – it was a time that we struggled with her life and death on a daily basis with her heart conditions. I asked her what she wanted for a gift, and, she asked me to write her Memorial Service speech as if she had already passed. So I did. Was her favorite gift ever. Thankfully she is still with me, and this is a speech that will hopefully only…

09 April

Missed Me in Print? Catch Me On!

Of the many prerequisites, written or otherwise, for being a contestant on the hit CBS reality show Survivor, not being squeamish must be at or near the top of the list. Christa Hastie knows this full well, having eaten fish eyeballs among other things during her stint on the show’s seventh season (she finished in sixth place). You can’t be shy about being scantily clad either, and while Christa stopped short of pulling a Richard Hatch and getting totally naked…

02 April

Attention Whore.

I’ve been called an “attention whore” many times….but you know what?!! People can call it whatever they want…I call it “self confidence”, “living life”, and most importantly “acknowledging people” in a world where people are too busy, unconnected – and I will NEVER fail to tell my friends, family *and* strangers genuinely nice and true things about the way they act, look, and the things they do. AND you know what else? I love and adore my attention whore self!…